24th Ward Capital Expenditures FY 13 & FY 14

The following is a list projects for fiscal years 2013 and 2014 funded through the 1/2% capital improvement sales tax paid in St. Louis. The funds are divided equally between wards and vary each year. The money is intended to be used for public improvements to sidewalks, streets, parks, lighting, and other amenities. Some expenditures are matched from other funding sources, like a separate parks improvement fund or private contributions. The projects below were completed between July of 2012 and June of 2014. These figures do not include department expenditures on maintenance or repairs (like pot holes). The figures below are taken from data from the St. Louis public works department (BPS). The project list for fiscal year 12 is here. Projects like the water main replacement along Dale Ave. and the MSD work along the River Des Peres are funded through separate agencies. 24th Ward Capital Exp 13 14.pdf


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