MSD Project Begins in Ellendale Neighborhood

The Metropolitan Sewer District has begun work on a new storm sewer project in the Ellendale neighborhood and Maplewood. The $12 million project will add capacity to the storm sewer system in the area while reducing basement back-ups during heavy rainfall, localized flooding, and reducing combined overflow events into the River Des Peres. The project will tunnel under the base of the Arsenal bridge, heading north along McCausland, turning west along Southwest Ave., then north along Bellevue Ave. in Maplewood. Most the new storm sewer will be located under the street surface, and the street will be excavated to install the new drainage pipe. The St. Louis City portion of this project should be completed in spring or summer of 2015. The project begins on the south portion of the map below and work will proceed northward. Neighbors will be notified by the contractor of any temporary impacts during the project.

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