The Impact of Local Business

I was looking at some recent data about the state of local businesses in the country on a new website to me, You could say the report is mixed, but there is certainly some good news in the data. Independent businesses managed grow their total sales per citizen slightly, although overall the also slightly … Read more

Signatures Registered

I received word while returning from Minneapolis on Tuesday that the signatures I collected have been confirmed by the Board of Elections. I’m officially on the ballot April 5th!

St. Louis on the Air Covers Massive Brick Theft

Dec 22nd: St. Louis on the Air host Don Marsh talks with 4th Ward Alderman and Sam Moore and local preservationist and researcher Michael Allen about an ongoing epidemic of brick theft in several wards in north St. Louis. You can listen here: The topic begins about 30 minutes into the show. This is a … Read more

Filed for Office

Today I turned in the necessary signatures from registered voters in the 24th Ward to officially file for office with the St. Louis Election Commission, and paid the filing fee at City Hall. After the signatures are validated in a few days, I’ll officially be on the ballot for the April 5th election. It was … Read more

Running as an Independent

Why run as an independent candidate instead of running under a party label? The first reason is so voters can have a choice in the general election. There are four candidates who are challenging for the Democratic nomination, but only the winner of the March primary will be on the ballot in the April 5th … Read more

Collecting Signatures

To run as an independent in St. Louis you need to collect signatures of registered voters to get your name on the ballot. The threshold is quite reasonable, 2% of votes cast in the previous mayoral election from your ward. In the 24th ward that amounts to only about 30 signatures. So Saturday I’ll be … Read more

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