Zoo Expansion Interim Landscaping Plan

Yesterday representatives from the St. Louis Zoo and SWT Landscape Architecture gave the Clayton Tamm Neighborhood Assn. an update on the ongoing demolition of the hospital and upcoming landscaping plans. The hospital demolition should conclude later in May and sitework and grading should wrap up by the end of June. The Zoo plans some substantial landscaping on-site including two insect pollinator gardens that provide food for bees and butterfly larvae. The landscaping plan will be an interim land use while the Zoo moves from their existing Framework Plan into their Strategic Plan. The updated Strategic Plan will guide how the Zoo develops the site and provide more information on the timeline and financing for future phases. In the meantime, the chainlink fence will be removed and employee parking will continue on the existing lots. The parking garage should be able to re-open during July and may see use by Zoo visitors later in the year. The interim site plan for 2014 is below.

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